4 Common Mistakes People Make with Charter Bus Rentals

Hiring the services of a charter bus rental company sounds like a simple matter. In most cases, it is. However, there are plenty of mistakes that people still tend to make when hiring a charter bus that cause all sorts of headaches later on.

From overpaying to making bad plans that hit you back later on while on the road – here are the most common mistakes people make with a charter bus rental.

Mistakes When Renting a Bus

Not Making Enough Inquiries about the Company Policy

During our 30+ years worth of experience operating a Chicago charter bus service, we noticed that people rarely ask about our policies. It's usually not a problem, but it can quickly become one when people end up getting (or not getting)something they didn't anticipate, even if it is common practice.

That being the case, it’s often best to make sufficient inquiries in advance. Ask about the company’s policy on pets, outside drinks and food, and smoking restrictions, just to name a few. You can even ask the bus rental company to tell you their most notable policies, so you know what to expect. It never hurts to ask!

Not Checking the Reviews

Everything is online nowadays, thus it is always crucial to google the charter bus rental service you want to hire. It's a simple matter of writing the name of the company and the word ‘reviews,' and you'll get a host of results from Facebook, Google, and many other sites.

The reviews other people have made can tell you a lot about what to expect from the company. It will only take you a couple of minutes to read some of them, and you'll get an overall sense of how good the company is.

Not Making Detailed Plans

One of the most important things about renting a bus is planning. Before you reach out to request a quote, you need to make sure your trip is all planned out. The charter bus rental company will provide you with the best service they can as long as they have as many details as you can give them.

Giving them all the details will also enable you to know all the costs and anticipate any potential hiccups when on the road. As we've already stated, most of the problems arise because of simple misunderstandings. When everything is communicated in advance by both sides, you can rest assured that you'll receive a comfortable and care-free ride.

Before we move on, let us give you a bonus tip. Make sure you’ve left enough time for your plans. It’s best to book the charter bus rental service well in advance, so you’ll have enough time to plan everything. We’ve found that booking your service at least two months in advance is usually more than enough.

Not Checking the Bus and Storage Space

People usually assume that the bus rental company will handle everything related to their service, especially when it comes to the very bus you'll get and how the group and luggage will fit. However, we have a whole fleet of vehicles and the luggage space required for each group of passengers will likely differ. International groups, for example, tend to require much more space than those traveling domestically.

You can always check the buses and the luggage space on your own and choose what's best for you. The important thing here is not to make the mistake of omitting the checks.

Always Talk to Us so We Can Ensure You Get the Best Possible Service!

All in all, by avoiding these common mistakes, you can make sure you'll have a pleasant experience on the road. You should feel free to talk to us in detail if you decide to hire our charter bus Chicago rental services. We at ABC Transportation Services want to give you a comfortable ride without any problems so that you can truly enjoy our services!